A Bedtime Story For Doomed Children

If you’re worried about what the future may hold for your children, try switching “Goodnight Moon” for this original nursery rhyme for the modern generation.

Theresa May, so strong and stable
She’s making a mess at the Brexit table.
Bad for our economy, bad for the pound,
She’s running poor Britain right into the ground.

The nurses are starved and the doctors are tired
The teachers are struggling and the police have been fired.
Police stations, schools and hospitals close
And all of this under Theresa May’s nose.

What are the real problems and whose fault are they?
Surely not our Supreme Leader May!
As disabled workers keel over dead,
She tells us the problems are all in our head.

Corpses of homeless people turn up in our towns,
While the Tories build homes costing millions of pounds.
So, while you are struggling and down on your luck,
At least absentee landlords can make a quick buck.

Dead refugees wash up on our shores,
Fleeing the bombs being dropped in our wars.
But while the terror threat continues to rise,
Theresa May can’t work out why it’s us they despise.

No lunch for kids in over-stuffed classes,
Grads burdened with debt are thrown out on their arses,
Looking for jobs that just don’t exist,
It’s no wonder that Britain’s youngsters are pissed.

They’ll end up choked by their own student loans
And grow into adults who will never own homes.
As house prices rise, their wages will fall,
But let it never be said that Theresa is cruel!

Old Theresa May, helping big business thrive,
While the man on the street can barely survive.
She talks about difficult decisions to make,
Then difficultly decides how many workers’ wages to take.

She says our economy depends on the success of the rich;
What a bare-faced lie from Europe’s new bitch.
This empty excuse is no justification
For the destruction of the poor through extreme exploitation.

Theresa May, so strong and stable,
Her manifesto is merely a children’s fable.
And the moral of this twisted story:
If you value your life, please don’t vote Tory!

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